Antioch University

In the spring of 2014 non-tenured faculty at Antioch University began organizing for higher pay, more job security and a stronger voice in governance.
All faculty at Antioch University are adjunct or contingent, which meant that there was no true job security to be found at Antioch. Additionally, despite the rising costs in education, increases in revenue were not being passed on to faculty who delivered the education to the students.
Faculty came together with their community, students and neighboring faculty in support of building our union by creating petitions, being honest with students about teaching conditions (their learning conditions) and we by becoming more involved in statewide faculty labor organizing activities.
In the end, all faculty stood together to overwhelmingly support a union by voting 85 to 14 to join SEIU Local 925 on July 23, 2014.
The win was an 86 percent vote in favor of forming a union – a landslide victory for the faculty and the entire Antioch Seattle community.
In the months after winning their union, faculty went on to bargain their contract, making gains they could be proud of.

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Gonzaga University


Adjunct and contingent faculty at Gonzaga University began organizing with SEIU 925 in 2014 for higher pay, more job security and a stronger voice in governance and departmental decision making. Despite the University’s social justice mission, the university administration immediately began waging a strong anti-union campaign.
Many Gonzaga adjunct faculty, like the majority of adjunct faculty across the country, often teach classes at multiple institutions and/or work an assortment of other low-paying jobs to piece together a living wage. Conditions for contingent faculty members at Gonzaga vary immensely. Some contingent faculty can actively participate in governance, play pivotal roles in their departments, and enjoy some degree of job security. However, other contingent faculty are blocked from participating in governance, have no voice in their departments, and have no idea what classes they would get to teach quarter to quarter.
While Gonzaga faculty have not yet held a union election, faculty have continued taking action to improve their profession as members of the Washington Faculty Forward voluntary membership chapter.  
Learn more about our voluntary membership chapter (link to connect with us page)