About Us

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What is WA Faculty Forward?

Washington Faculty Forward is part of a national movement to fight the crisis in higher education. We are faculty from all ranks, located all throughout Washington, united to protect the dignity of our profession and the quality of education we provide to our students.

At most colleges and universities, contingents are a majority of all teaching faculty yet face low levels of compensation, few benefits, lack of institutional support for research and scholarship, and exclusion from the governance of our institutions. As tenure-line positions erode, tenured and tenure-line faculty face increased workloads, threats to academic freedom, weakened shared governance, and salaries that have not kept up with the cost of living. At the same time, our institutions are shifting resources from instruction to administration, funded by quickly rising tuition, resulting in record levels of student debt.

By coming together in Washington Faculty Forward, we have the power to do something about this by building a state-wide movement to raise standards for faculty and students alike.

Washington Faculty Forward is a project of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 925. Nationally, SEIU represents 37,000 faculty from Maine to California. In addition to Washington State, faculty in Boston, the Bay Area, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Arizona, and Los Angeles are building the movement with SEIU.

Contact us at info@wafacultyforward.org